Things You Must Do When Sharing Car Rides Now

Paying For The Rental Car
Paying For The Rental Car
Car Sharing Services
Car Sharing Services

Standard operating procedures exist for public transport and flights, but SOPs are not there regarding utilizing car-sharing services for trips from residences to workplaces and back. Millions of people utilize carpooling services to make these back and forth trips. Usually, there is no danger involved in utilizing the service operator vehicles. However, as with anything that involves physical or social contact, the coronavirus pandemic poses a threat to those who travel in cars together.

There is no way to share a car ride without physically being in the vehicle, so you might contract coronavirus in the event of not following COVID-19 specific guidelines. The following list of guidelines applies to not just the service users, but even car owners or operators must act as per these.

Wearing Masks

It seems the second safest way to keep yourself from developing coronavirus disease is to wear purpose-built face masks. Of course, social distancing is even safer than it, but sharing the ride will possibly invite proximate physical interaction.

Sanitizing Hands And All Objects

With a sanitizer, you should also keep the hands free from germs and clear fomite materials from the organs. You also have to sanitize whatever you carry when traveling. Just put all your personal and work-related things in a bag, and sanitize it each time you have a shared car ride. If there is anything bulky that cannot be put in it, be sure to sanitize it separately at this time.

Travel With Just One More Passenger

Be sure to share the ride with a single passenger. Whenever possible, ensure that they are the same individual. Besides, be sure to sit at as much distance away from each other as possible.

Do Not Exchange Anything With Them

Even if you are sharing it with an affiliate or loved one, be sure that no object is shared between you and that other passenger. This applies to food items, drinks, and even a handshake.

Let The Driver Operate Window Switches

Does the car model have a master switch placed at the driver side for power windows? If yes, they will be able to open all windows in it by pressing the respective switches or buttons. So, whenever you want some fresh air, just tell them to press the switch for the passenger side window. If the vehicle does not have this feature, do whatever it takes to avoid multiple touches.

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