Should I Car Share Or Should I Buy/Rent A Car?

Car sharing has really picked up steam! Up until the mid-2000’s the term car sharing wasn’t even on the radar. But the car sharing industry has sprouted wings and has made lift off! Introduced in the North America initially, people began finding sense in car pooling and not actually owning a car. Owning a car has its own set of headaches! But to think of it, car sharing doesn’t attach itself to any of this. But like all things in life, there’s a little bit of bad even in the good.

We are venturing out to find out what you should consider in car sharing. Let us tell you what you should consider before making the purchase!

Why Car Sharing?

Car sharing is without doubt a viable option, but you need to know the factors it hinges on. Vehicle sharing helps people especially in metros and cities to use a vehicle when the occasion demands. The rest of the time, they use extensively connected public transport network of subways and buses to get around. You needn’t worry with the hassle of finding a parking spot which nowadays feels like finding a needle in a haystack! Do you know that it cost an upward of $10,000 to maintain the car, insure it and fill it up with fuel every year?!

But what about people lively in sparely populated places? Then it makes more sense to buy a vehicle because the chances of getting a shared car are slim to be honest.  So, to put it in simple words, car sharing services make it much more convenient and a cost-effective alternative to the conventional thinking of owning or leasing a car.

Why Should I Go For Car Sharing?

  • Car Sharing Loves The Environment!

Rather than having 4 vehicles occupying space on the road, you now have just vehicle taking up the space! It makes sense, because lesser vehicles on the road mean fewer road blockages and traffic queues! Not to mention the obvious benefits of lower emissions to the environment. We have come to a point where climate change is making an obvious impact around the globe and the average temperatures are rising every decade. If you want to make an impact it starts with car sharing. You know you are safe under the watchful eyes of Thunberg!

  • Bigger Cars Go Out, Fuel Efficient Cars Come In!

With car sharing creating a storm, the chances of finding a 4X4 fuel guzzling pick-up doing the daily car sharing runs won’t be sight you’ll see often. Much more efficient vehicles will be on the road!

  • Fewer Worries

If you stay in an area that have seen occasional car thieves and car-jacking incidents, then opting for a car sharing services is a much wiser decision. With Car sharing you only have to pay for what you use, when you use it, so the greys can begin going away!

When Does Owning A Car Make More Sense Than Car Sharing?

  • Location, Location!

Access can be an issue. There may be times when you would love to car pool on a weekend to a theme park, but there simply aren’t any cars nearby. The nearest is an Hour away. When there are plenty of people in the neighbourhood that don’t have cars there will be a mad dash for “first come, first serve basis”! So be sure to take this into account and reserve ahead of time!

  • It Gets Difficult To Find A Ride In Rush Hour!

Has it ever happened that you get out of home to go to work at 8:30AM and you see the nearest ride is going to take 40 minutes to get to you? What a bummer! Plus you may have to walk 1.5 miles down to the nearest junction for the possibility of catching your ride. This wouldn’t be all that big of an issue, but the minute it rains or snows, all hell breaks loose. Although the convenience of not having and maintaining a car is great, this is offset by the inconvenience of having to go hunting for a car pool!

  • Planning Your Schedule Becomes Necessary

If you are opting for a car sharing service, and there is an important place you need to be at, then car sharing comes with statutory warnings. You can’t simply grab your keys and hit the pedal to the metal. You will have to plan for such trip. This turns into a bigger problem, especially if there is an emergency like a medical one where you need to get to the hospital ASAP and you can do nothing but wait for a ride.

All in all, car sharing has its fair share of pros as well as cons. Weigh in your options carefully before purchasing a car, and decide whether you need one at all in the first place!

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