How Does Carsharing Transform Parking?

Rent A Pickup Truck
Rent A Pickup Truck

What are the benefits of carsharing that you can think of in 30 seconds? If you drive cars frequently in the city, you will know that one of the benefits of carsharing is that it makes parking easy. Only the person who drives will understand the effort and time required to find a parking spot in a crowded city. Not the least, new car parking rules encourage smart parking which includes carsharing as an optimum way of transportation. 

Let’s look at how carsharing services help to park. 

Effect Of Carsharing In Parking

As said before, parking is a hustle and it will also cost you money. The parking of carsharing cars does not cost the user. The carsharing company pays for every car themselves. This is a great advantage for those people who end up paying a good part of their monthly salary for parking. Going to the office, buying groceries, and even going out during weekends in your own vehicle requires you to find a parking space. In fact, there are people who pay around $300 for parking their car every month. 

New York made a move to allot fixed parking slots for Zipcar and Enterprise Carshares for two years. In return, they paid a small licensing fee and a monthly due. Similarly, San Francisco approved the same program. Carsharing companies were given 1000 parking lots for a small fee per space. 

However, not everyone is happy about this development in parking and carsharing. When fixed spots are allotted to carsharing companies, others who bring their own vehicles might not find the space to park their vehicles. Even though this problem is not severe now, it could be in the future.

Who Else Benefit From Fixed Parking Lots For Carsharing Companies?

You might think that this program and trend benefit only those who travel daily to the office. On the contrary, there are many others who benefit from this development. Hotels and restaurants do not need as many car parking lots as before. By providing fixed lots for carsharing companies, they can save space. It is also reported that people prefer a long drive than taking a flight. By sharing a car, they can pay less for a long road trip than going by a flight which means the future of the carsharing business is bright. Moreover, real estate dealers are also drawing benefits out of carsharing. The effect of carsharing cannot only be felt in the business world, but also in housing and commercial complexes.

If allotting fixed lots for carsharing companies is properly implemented in residential areas, crowded streets of cities and other places, the change that it will bring about will be magnificent. 

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