Things You Shouldn’t Do When You Rent A Car

Going Offroad
Going Offroad
Car Sharing
Car Sharing

You might not be able to travel in your own car when you are at some new place that is far away from your hometown and car sharing/car rental seems to be the best possible option before you. Although it might seem to be a straightforward process at the surface, things aren’t that easy as you think they are. People who have no prior experience in car renting can make several mistakes because they do not have a clear idea about insurance, refueling and several other processes.

Here are some of the things you shouldn’t do when you have decided to go ahead with car rentals.

Making Advance Payments For Gasoline

Concerns about being late for flights as well as the simplicity that prepaid gasoline charges offer make more people increasingly get attracted to the option but it isn’t that profitable as it seems to be. It is completely fine to go with the option if you are sure that you will return the tank empty or have a pre-booked flight to catch so that the time saved by avoiding refueling on the way will be of worth. In circumstances other than this, it is best to not choose the option of making advanced payments for fuel.

Purchasing Insurance

Purchasing insuring for car rentals is a mistake for two reasons.

  • Your auto insurance will mostly cover car rentals too.

Auto insurance policy considers rentals as a replacement. Thus as per the general rule, the insurance coverage for your vehicle will cover your car rental too.  The term “full coverage” indicates that the insurance covers every auto charges including car rentals. Hence purchasing insurance for car rentals isn’t required but do not forget to check up with your insurance company to ensure that your auto insurance covers your car rentals too.

  • The charges that your car insurance doesn’t cover are handled by your credit card.

In some cases, the credit card proves to be as good as or even better than your auto insurance while in other cases, it is regarded as a secondary insurance that covers the charges that aren’t covered by the auto insurance.

Making mistakes in vehicle sharing is not impossibility. In fact it is quite common that people make mistakes that cause them monetary losses, which is why it is highly recommended that you have a clear idea about car rental operations and the do’s and don’ts in the process.

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