How Do Car Rental Companies Charge More Than What They Should?

Car Rental Companies
Car Rental Companies
Car Rental Companies
Car Rental Companies

When you enter a car rental deal, you will definitely expect your rental service to play it fair. But that does not happen always. There are chances that they may charge you for things you do not really need. Careful planning is important to avoid being fooled by car rental companies.

Here are some of the ways rental companies try to make profit in unfair ways.

They Try To Keep Adding New Cost Elements

In an attempt to make more profit, rental car companies try adding new cost elements and inflate the repair costs beyond what a normal repair would cost. You may encounter these extra charges:

  • Administrative fee for processing the paperwork related to the deal.
  • Loss of use charges- The daily rental rate charged for every day the car is out of service.
  • Expenses like towing and storage associated with retrieving a damaged car.
  • Loss of value is the amount that rental companies claim to compensate for the reduced resale value due to the damage.

They Charge For Additional Driver

It is annoying that some rental car companies charge for keeping an additional driver. In the US, the charge amounts to about $13 a day. It is really unfair to charge you for keeping an additional driver because it does not cost the rental company anything at all.

But fortunately some rental companies avoid the charges for domestic partners, spouses or business associates.

They Overbook

Rental car companies overbook to compensate for drivers returning vehicles early. Airline services also overbook but they grant compensation to the customers who get bumped due to overbooking. However, customers who rent from car rentals are not eligible for any such mandatory compensation.

They Have Confusing Fuel Policies

Most car rentals maintain a “get it full, return it full” fuel policy. According to that, if you are returning a rental car with less than a full tank, the rental company will refuel it when you return and add the charge to your bill. But the per-gallon bill they charge could be two or three times more than the going rate.

Even if you return the car full, the rental agency may demand a fill-up receipt from a nearby station.

They Try To Fool You By Offering Discounts

May rental companies post high prices and give discounts to members of certain organizations. The truth is that those discounts apply only to high daily rates and the discounts on weekly rates are often quite small.

Getting to know about the possible ways you can lose money in a car rental deal helps you plan well and get the best rates.

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