How To Install A Signal Booster Inside Your Vehicle?

You might have experienced difficulties to make a call or access the internet while you are traveling because of the poor cell reception inside your vehicle. Now, this issue can be easily solved with the help of cell signal boosters. These devices can help you to boost mobile signal inside your vehicle for providing better connectivity. Hence, if you are a person who travels a lot and wants to get strong cell signals inside your vehicle irrespective of where you go, then getting a cell phone signal booster will be a great help to you.

Cell signal boosters consist of mainly three parts including an external antenna for collecting the signals, an amplifier for boosting the signals, and an internal antenna for broadcasting the signals. They are very easy to install, and you can install it in your vehicle without the help of a technician. Hence, we list the steps you have to follow for installing a cell signal booster in your vehicle.

Perform A“Soft” Install

Before permanently installing the booster in your vehicle, you have to make sure that it works according to the plan. Hence, perform a “soft” install to ensure that the spots you have chosen to install the parts of the booster are ideal and the components fit properly.

Mount The External Antenna

The roof is the ideal place for installing your external antenna, as it will act as a shield between the internal and external antenna. Otherwise, the signals from your internal antenna will reach your external antenna thereby resulting in a problem called oscillation which will significantly reduce the performance of your boosters.

Install The Amplifier

The next step is to install your amplifier inside the vehicle. Place it in an inconspicuous location that you can easily access. Then connect the cords from the external antenna to the amplifier.

Place Your Internal Antenna

The next step is to mount the internal antenna in a suitable location. If you want to provide signals to all passengers, then it is better to mount it in a central location. After installing the antenna, connect it to your amplifier.

Connect To The Power Supply

After installing all the components, you can connect it to the power supply. Turn the power on and make sure that the booster is working properly. If you want to make any adjustments, don’t forget to disconnect the power supply.

Installing a cell signal booster in your vehicle is a very easy process and you can follow the steps mentioned above to easily accomplish the task.

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