Pros And Cons Of Car Sharing

Most of us may take great pride in owning a car and driving it daily. Later, many of you might have realized that owning a car is a burden. According to statistics, a large section of the urban population is saying that owning a car is difficult and increases their monthly expenses drastically. Maintenance and repair costs a significant amount of money and takes up valuable time from their busy life.

The best solution to this problem is car sharing. For common people, car sharing is the best option to go for work without taking their cars and get stuck in the traffic. With car sharing, people can get to their offices in time because the traffic will be less and the road won’t be congested.

In this article, we will discuss some of the important benefits and drawbacks of car sharing.

Advantages Of Car Sharing

Reduces Traffic And Congestion

The main advantage of sharing a car for travel is the reduced traffic and congestion on the road. When everyone uses their own vehicles, it creates a lot of traffic and people will get stuck in traffic for hours. It will waste your valuable money and time. With car sharing, about 5 people can travel in a car comfortably. This will result in less traffic and save time.

Reduces Air Pollution

Car sharing has so many environmental benefits also. Vehicles are one of the main reasons for air pollution. With fewer cars on the road, the carbon emission will be less and the pollution level decreases. It will reduce global warming and make the air cleaner. It also reduces health problems like asthma and other lung problems that people suffer due to air pollution.

Development Of Other Transport Facilities

When more and more people do not use their own vehicles for regular traveling, it gives the government an opportunity to invest more in the development of the public transport systems and infrastructures. We will get big pavements, better sidewalks, cycling paths, more bus lanes, etc.

Reduce Expenses

For an individual, car sharing offers a perfect opportunity to save money by reducing or avoiding unwanted expenses. With car sharing, you can avoid expenses on vehicle maintenance, repairs, fuel, parking, insurance, annual testing, parking, etc. You can use the money you saved through car sharing for other important aspects of your life such as education, health, etc.

Reduces Stress

It is stressful to maintain a car. You need to find time for its maintenance and repairs, save money for insurance, need to test annually and get the certification, etc. With car sharing, you can forget about all those things. You won’t be stressed out and can live in peace.

Accessible To All Income Level

The main reason why carpooling is becoming popular is that it is accessible to everyone. Not everyone can afford to own a car. Buying a car needs a huge sum of money and you have to keep on spending money on insurance, tax, maintenance, repairs, etc. Car sharing services only require small payment and everyone can access it.

Advantages Disadvantages
Environmental benefits Unavailability of vehicles on demand
Reduces stress No privacy
Less traffic Less tax
Less expenses Lesser number of car sharing businesses
Development of public transport Lesser availability

Disadvantages Of Car Sharing

Unavailability At Peak Times

People mostly utilize car sharing services during rush hours. This leads to greater demand and most of the time cars may not be available for sharing. The demand for car sharing varies at different times. This problem can be solved by more vehicles and enough information about availability, and also by using the public transport system.

Not Available In Every Place

One of the main disadvantages of car sharing is that it is usually available in places with heavy traffic and higher demand. If you are living in a place where the traffic is not so heavy and the demand for car sharing is less, it is highly unlikely that you will find a good car sharing service in your area.

Availability Of Vehicles

People often complain about the unavailability of cars when they actually need them. Most of the car sharing services does not have enough cars to satisfy the demand. The unavailability of cars may result in frustrated customers. Also, too many cars lead to less utilization and higher costs.

Reduces Tax

When more and more people use car sharing services, it raises less tax. Drivers usually pay a lot of money as taxes through fuel and car-related services. This tax money is used by the government to develop the infrastructure. When people start using car sharing services more, the tax raised from the drivers will be less and its impact will be seen on other services.

Privacy Issues

One of the benefits of traveling in your own car is the privacy it offers. With car sharing, you will lose that. You will be sharing a car with complete strangers and you won’t have any privacy.

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