Ditch Your Car And Car Share Instead

Car Sharing
Car Sharing
Car Sharing
Car Sharing

The idea of a utopian, cooperative living is one that has turned heads; some for the better. One of the things on everyone’s ‘life goals’ list would be doing a job they love, marrying the love of their life, buying their first car and home. For many, it is a rite of passage but for others it is a simple and affordable idea to car share. No need to deal with the insurance premium or moving to new cities or finding car parking space. None of that is an issue when there is car sharing to help out.

We will be jotting down the reasons why we think you should give car sharing a try. Read on…

Do You Stay In The Heart Of A Bustling City?

If you stay in a city that is developed and there is good public transportation facilities, like buses and metros then you are in luck. Owning a car would only make sense if you need to visit the supermarket and need to do a bit of shopping. In that case, car sharing is the best idea and logic goes that, you only need the car when you actually need it. Otherwise, it is out of your mind!

You can also share on thousands of dollars annually in parking and not to mention the several thousand that you will be spending on gas and waiting at traffic jams.

If You Have A Houseguest Or Relatives Visiting

You can simply book a car and vehicle sharing instead. No more squeezing and sitting knee to knee in the back seat. Your grandparents can stretch and relax while you rent out a minivan for getting around the city or driving to the countrysides. Yes, the kids can go in the other car.

When You Feel Like Just Getting Out Of Town

If you have a car that is not meant for long journeys then you can always car share a touring car instead. The sheer choices of vehicles that one can choose depending on need and requirement are endless: be it luxurious, or off-roading, city driving, or touring. Simply pay a 3-day car rental fees and zoom off to the nearest countryside cottage or vineyard where you can let your romance blossom or simply have a fun-filled camping trip with the gang of friends. It is your pick.

Give car sharing a shot and you will be surprised over how easy, hassle-free and cost effective the whole process is. Chances are, you will coax your friends into it too! 

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