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Top Things You Should Be Knowing About Electric Vehicles

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Electric Vehicles Electric vehicles are rapidly gaining importance, but there are a lot of things that customers need to know before getting one. Listed below are some of the things related to electric vehicles and the auto industry you should be knowing.  Electric Vehicles Are Witnessing A Rapid Growth Around 3.8 percent of the total sales of automobiles during the year 2013...

How Technology Can Help Shared Mobility In the Future

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Car Sharing As per the World Bank’s data, an improved transportation system could bring a further $2.60 trillion in GDP yearly, reduction of road fatalities by 800,000, and emission reduction of 1.80 gigatons of carbon dioxide. New modes of mobility alongside technological innovation present great chances to reshape urban mobility. With quick digitalization, more amount of information and data are shared...

A Look at Distributed Car Sharing

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Distributed Car Sharing Peer-to-peer car sharing is developing as a means to make individuals share their own automobiles with other people. It is possible to automate it and do it in a more convenient way with the appropriate technology. Technological advancements have transformed conventional assets into services that can be shared, which changes how individuals see ownership and mobility. You no...