Welcome to carshareco, where you can learn things about car sharing. Almost all of us have traveled in an anonymous person’s or a loved one’s vehicle. When you pay a service charge for that, it becomes the business ‘car sharing’, as we know it. You too have an amazing chance to earn money through your car when you do not use it.
We do not post reviews of service providers on this website, but everything you see here is general information regarding car sharing. While car sharing may not replace private automobile ownership, it offers various benefits without the costs and burden that come with ownership.
As per the online database, Statista, there will be 36 million users of car sharing by 2025. That is an incredible leap from 7 million in 2015. However, there are still many countries where car sharing does not exist as a paid service. So it is easy to see why many just do not know that such a service even exists.
When posting content on our website, we keep in mind that not everyone is well versed in the concept of car sharing. We make sure to mix our posts with a beginner’s level content and more advanced materials to reach out to readers of all tastes.